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Family Law

A divorce affects every part of your life: from your home, to your investments and retirement benefits, to the amount of time you spend with your children and the allocation of family income.  Our divorce attorneys are dedicated to helping you address all of the issues that arise during a divorce. We will advise you of your rights and work with you to determine how best to resolve difficult issues such as child custody and support,property division and spousal support.

Our divorce attorneys are ready to litigate any divorce case as aggressively as necessary. However, when children are involved, often the collaborative approach is the best way to go. Your lives will go on, your kids will grow up, and mom and dad will still be mom and dad. By working collaboratively now, our lawyers can help you preserve important family relationships for later.

You and your former spouse know your lives and situation much better than any family law judge can hope to. If our attorneys can negotiate a solution that is acceptable to all parties, your case can be resolved quickly, quietly, and efficiently without going to trial.

Most divorce cases in Massachusetts settle before a complete trial. To quote a distinguished Probate & Family Court judge: “Competent legal counsel with appropriate discovery should be able to settle almost every divorce case”. For that reason, as well as the significantly greater costs, only two to three percent of divorces actually go to trial before a judge.

There are many misconceptions regarding divorce. For example, at law, there is no “legal separation” in Massachusetts and infidelity is treated much more lightly today than in the past. Massachusetts is on the cutting edge of many issues in Family Law, which is why it is important to consult with active and experienced legal counsel. Our lawyers can help you prepare, negotiate, and/or litigate to get you the results you deserve.

If you are going through a divorce and live or work  in the Greater Boston area, contact our divorce attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your rights and options under Massachusetts law. We serve the Boston Metrowest region and are conveniently located in Damonmill Square in Concord.

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