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Mediation Services

Family Law

Mediation is one of several alternative dispute resolution processes. Research has found that parties who reach agreement through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution are much more likely to honor and obey their agreement than those who have agreement thrust upon them by a Court.

An experienced Massachusetts mediator helps couples and families resolve their disputes amicably and without having to resort to expensive litigation.

Mediation is available for situations such as

  • Couples in separation and divorce situations
  • Family members in disputes over inheritances
  • Couples seeking ante-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements
  • Elders dealing with changing residences and other estate issues
  • Consumers and vendors in disputes over billing or services rendered

You have with mediation a fair process in which you can discuss and decide for yourself, with or without other professional help, your future relationship, and, in divorce, arrangements for your spouse, your children, and financial support and property division.

The disputing parties jointly hire attorney Jeanne Kangas to act not as the attorney for either, but as their neutral mediator who can keep the playing field level, and can help a party who is disabled by an overpowering disputant to arrive at prudent decisions. During a series of meetings, with the mediator’s assistance the parties work out a mutually satisfactory agreement resolving the dispute. The parties are free to consult with a lawyer or other advisor at any time. The mediation process is designed to reduce the adversarial element and also to save time and money. Even parties who are already represented by counsel and in Court can call a ‘time out’ and enter mediation. Once an agreement is reached, the mediator can write a draft agreement for the parties, with our recommendation that each party review it with his or her own counsel before signing. The completed and signed agreement is an enforceable contract, and can be presented to the Court for entry as a judgment.

Experience in Mediation Services.

Mediator Jeanne Kangas is the past President of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation. She has 24 years of experience in all aspects of probate and family law, including gay and lesbian issues. She has a well-founded knowledge of what parties can expect from the judges who decide contested issues from the temporary order stage to the final judgment—and judges are not always consistent. If you have reached agreement through mediation, Jeanne can review your final draft agreement and render an opinion to you on a single-visit basis.

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