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Spousal support/Alimony

Family Law

Alimony is called spousal support in Massachusetts. Spousal support may be awarded in marriages where there is a demonstrated need on the part of one spouse and an ability to pay on the part of the other. Courts will generally not award spousal support in short-term marriages, except for rehabilitative alimony designed to help the lower-earning spouse finish school or get back on his or her feet.

While technically separate from property division, an experienced lawyer can evaluate alimony and property division factors to help you craft a settlement that creates tax benefits for both parties. Our lawyers are experienced is creating undifferentiated spousal support payments, which would enable the higher-earning spouse to benefit from a tax deduction and the lower-earning spouse to avoid some tax liability.

If you would like legal advice about property division or spousal support issues, contact our attorneys to discuss your rights and options. We serve famlies throughout the Boston Metrowest and Greater Boston area and are conveniently located in Damonmill Square in Concord, Massachusetts.

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